Live videoproductions

Your event as videos for streaming and downloading

You are organizing an event and would like to make the talks accessible to your attendees and the rest of the world? Would you like to offer a DVD of your conference for sale or download?
Are you thinking of streaming the talks of your speakers live during the conference?

Then let's have a talk!

One of my advantages is in the extrem fast production times. Since I developed a neat and really transportable equipment the whole setup process is really short.
And since I do a live video edit of all talks most of the work is already done as soon as the talk ends.
If it ist important for you to keep production times even shorter (maybe you want to publish all talks on the same day) then we'll also find a solution together!

There are several important factors which should be considered ahead of the event itself, like the size of the conference room, light quality and so on.
But with the right concept you will get professional video recordings of your event - come what may.

Previous events

App Builders (since 2016)

Developers conference for Android and iOS in Switzerland. Complete production workflow, 18 talks, published within 12 h.

Alle Videos zu App Builders (since 2016)

Mobile Era (since 2016)

Conference for web- and app-developer in Oslo - 40 talks. Complete production workflow, turnaround after 24h.

Alle Videos zu Mobile Era (since 2016)

NSSpain (since 2014)

Big iOS developer conference in Logroño. Complete production workflow, 25 talks. Published all videos within 24h.

Alle Videos zu NSSpain (since 2014)

"... You should thank Stefan Völker for the super fast turnaround on the videos! ..."

Patrick B.

"... The conference is well-known for publishing high-quality videos at an incredible turnaround – something I’ve mentioned previously. We have Stefan Völker to thank for that – good job, Stefan! ..."

Paul Hudson - successful author of more than 15 books about Swift

"Not all heros wear capes, some have video-cameras!"

Ewa K., Mobile Era

"NSSpain deserves a huge thank you for putting together such a high-quality speaker selection, and for managing to record, edit, and publish their videos in record time."

Paul Hudson - Author of 'Hacking with Swift'

"You're a powerhouse beyond belief Stefan!"

Hampus B.